10U Schutte
Arsenal Strong


Head Coach: Jen Schutte

Assistant Coach: Avery Cox

Ali Stevens

Anna Wellbrock

Aubrey Woods

McKinley Crisp

Hailey Crisp

Kate Whalen

Natalie Nill

Sanjana Ganga

Ellie Nichting

Samantha Ionna


Thursdays, 5-7PM

Sundays, 11AM-1PM


**January 22

***January 30



*February 19

*February 26-27

March 5

April 2

April 9

Sports Express



Ronnie Grandison



Regional Challenge

Crush 'Em Classic

Ronnie Grandison

Sports Express

OVR Championships

Mason, OH

Cincinnati, OH



Batavia, OH

Erlanger, KY

Cincinnati, OH

Mason, OH

Columbus, OH

                    Date(s)                                                          Tournament                                                          City, State

Schedules are projected and subject to change.

*As of 1/1/22, we posted a change that the Regional Challenge changed from a 2-day tournament to a 1-day tournament to take place on Saturday, 2/19/22 only.  The February 26 Sports Express tournament was replaced with a 2-day Crush 'Em Classic tournament in Erlanger to provide you with no loss of tournament play dates. 

**As of 1/12/22, March 12 Sports Express was replaced with January 22 Sports Express.

***As of 1/21/22, this tournamet was added as an additional tournament at no cost to our families.