Tryout Results
Arsenal Strong

Thank you for attending tryouts.  We strive to make the tryout process as smooth as possible for you and all of the girls.  We understand how stressful this time can be and are working diligently on getting results to you as soon as possible.  

***During this time, we cannot extend all of our intended offers yet.  This means that if a girl is not currently on this list, it is possible she will still be offered a position after the final tryout date.***  Please do not feel discouraged if your number is not yet on the list.  It is also possible that alternates are moved to specific teams in the next few days.


There are several factors that go into offers extended after the first tryout and before the final tryout date.  Factors include regulations that prevent us from having a certain number of players from the same school on the same team, positions held for returning players, and actual number of players exceeding projected number of players.  We may have an idea of where to place your player, but might be unable to do so until the final tryout concludes when we can better see how many teams, and levels of those teams, we have.

AGES 13-14

*Please accept or decline if your tryout number is listed below.*

There will likely be some movement of players between teams as tryouts conclude, as well as alternate movement to teams.