14N Hollinger
Arsenal Strong


Head Coach: Jessica Hollinger

Assistant Coach: Jen Humphrey

Eva Steinmetz

Morgan Sunderman

Allison Falk

Jillian Tumeo

Mia Bensman

Emma Scheffler

Kate Nienaber

Janie Strasser

Allie Korfhagen

Lacey Davis

Abigail Lenihan


Mondays, 5-7PM (GameTime)

Thursdays, 5-7PM (Queen City Racquet Club)


January 29-30

February 19-20

March 5-6


*April 23-24

May 14-15

May 28-29


*June 10-13

June 15-18

Central Zone Invitational

K2 Presidents Day Bash

Great Lakes Festival

Adidas Naptown Jamboree

Midwest Invite

KIVA Memorial Day Classic

The Finale at Champion Mill

AAU Girls' Volleyball Nationals

Indianapolis, IN

Knoxville, TN

Detroit, MI

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY

Hamilton, OH

Orlando, FL

                    Date(s)                                                          Tournament                                                          City, State

Schedules are projected and subject to change.

*As of 1/4/22, JVA World Challenge was replaced with Adidas Naptown Jamboree and JVA Summerfest was replaced with The Finale at Champion Mill due to waitlist status.