17N Arnold
Arsenal Strong


Head Coach: Ryan Arnold

Assistant Coach: Baylee Johnson

Sarah Harris

Caeley Goins

Avery Cox

Jordan Birdsong

Leah Mason

Laila Gordon

Eryn Gardner

Mallory Witsken

Shelby Brehm


Mondays, 7-9PM

Thursdays, 7-9PM


January 29-30

March 5-6


April 2-3

April 22-24

*May 7-8

**May 28-29

*June 10-13

*June 19-22

**July 1-4

Central Zone Invitational

Great Lakes Festival

OVR Mizuno Girls National Bid

Northeast Qualifier 3

Can-Am Classic

Freedom Classic

The Finale at Champion Mill

AAU Nationals

USAV Nationals

Indianapolis, IN

Detroit, MI

Columbus, OH

Philadelphia, PA

Detroit, MI

Brighton, MI

Hamilton, OH

Orlando, FL

Indianapolis, IN

                    Date(s)                                                          Tournament                                                          City, State

Schedules are projected and subject to change.

*Updated 1/6/22

**Entry into USAV Nationals will replace Freedom Classic.  Inability to gain acceptance into USAV Nationals will mean the Freedom Classic will be remain on the schedule.