15N Schumacher
Arsenal Strong

team roster

Head Coach: Brian Schumacher

Assistant Coach: Brad York

Bailey Adams

Julia Lamermayer

Alison Whitsken

Amaya Johnson

Lilli Meyer

Alyssa Sunderman

Megan Crosby

Kate Rabin

Addie Baur

Briana Jones

practice schedule

Mondays, 8-10PM

Thursdays, 4-6PM


January 23-24
Frozen Lake Festival
Sandusky, OH
February 13-14
K2 Presidents Day Bash
Sevierville or Knoxville, TN
March 6-7
Bluegrass Tournament Week 1
Louisville, KY
March 20-21
AAU Cincinnati Grand Prix
Cincinnati, OH
April 3-4
Cottontail Clash
Cincinnati, OH
June 5-6
JVA Summerfest
Columbus, OH
June 11-13
JVA World Challenge
Louisville, KY
June 17-29*
AAU Junior National Championships
Orlando, FL

*Specific AAU Junior National Championships dates within this date range for each age will be announced as further information becomes available.

Schedules are projected and subject to change based on tryout results.  Tournaments affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus can be found within the link below.