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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

Arsenal COVID Protocol

[Updated 2/28/22]

Current Arsenal protocol for COVID and positive COVID test cases can be viewed on TeamApp in the documents section.  Be sure to login first, then use the link below. 

2021-2022 Season COVID Updates

[Updated 10/4/21]

On October 3, 2021, we engaged in a conference call hosted by the Ohio Valley Region to discuss COVID-19 restrictions as it pertains to the 2021-2022 club volleyball season under the Ohio Valley Region and USAV.  


There is no indication from USAV that they'll impose national restrictions on programming, nor that OVR will impose restrictions.  Restrictions that USAV and OVR expect clubs to follow will come from the county department of health, city, and building in which the activity is taking place.  Each club and organization must perform or function under the most restrictive policy between the county health department, city, and building.  For example, if there is not a mask mandate at the county level, but the building where a tournament is held requires masks, then we're expected to follow the building's rules.

Arsenal Volleyball Academy will be following the same premise as USAV and OVR in which any restrictions we expect our club to follow will be that of the county health department, city, and building where activities occur.  Our experience with our practice facilities is that any restrictions to be followed are just those determined by the county department of health and city.  Therefore, the local health department will be the primary source of information regarding COVID-19 restrictions from our club.

Last year, COVID Coordinators were required for Greater Cincinnati Columbus Center events.  This is no longer required.  However, your coach may ask a team parent to be aware of any restrictions the team will be expected to follow where their tournament will be located.

There's one significant USAV & OVR rule change.  The default USAV & OVR rule will be that there are no side changes, including the deciding set.  Exceptions are unusual circumstances where an imbalance, such as an overhead obstruction or lighting difference, would put one team at a disadvantage.

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