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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

[Updated 3/14/20 @ 9:40PM]

3/14/20 Statement: 

Due to the most recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, there have been many changes over the past few days with the OVR and USAV that directly impact our club.  We appreciate your patience while we navigated several factors before being able to address what those changes mean for all of us. 

On March 12, we received notice that all OVR-run events and tournaments are suspended until further notice.  The OVR strongly encouraged all tournaments run by other tournament directors to do the same.  Tournament directors running tournaments we were placed in for the month of March also canceled their events. 

On March 13, we received a statement from the OVR which included “‘In the interest of welfare and safety of our membership, USA Volleyball is eliminating the sanctioning for all USA Volleyball activities (including but not limited to events, practices, individual training sessions or anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance) effective 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 13. This ban on all USA Volleyball sanctioned activities extends through March 31.’ This statement means that any individual or entity operating under the USAV-OVR umbrella, including but not limited to a team, club, or facility, will assume all liability associated with that activity; USAV is not providing insurance coverage through March 31.”

As our club and all of its players are under the USAV-OVR umbrella, we will not have the insurance coverage necessary to allow any activities affiliated with Arsenal through March 31. 

Due to the state of emergency the general public is in, our accountability of commitment to social responsibility is crucial.  We need to be in unison with the efforts made to be a socially responsible community as a whole to help aid in the effectiveness to promote the best interest of the safety and general welfare of your family, our staff, and the public.  

To promote the best interest of everyone involved, all practices, training, and private lessons affiliated with Arsenal will be tentatively canceled through March 31, 2020.  Practices, training, and lessons will resume as normal on April 1.  As updates and changes happen daily with the Coronavirus, we will notify you of any changes that apply to the entire club, as well as any other changes to our schedule. 

Thank you for your understanding.  Should you have any questions, please reach out by emailing: cincyarsenal@gmail.com


[Updated 3/12/20 @ 5:40PM] 

3/12/20 Statement:

Due to recent events and information concerning the current status of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Arsenal Volleyball will continue to monitor the situation daily and provide updates that pertain to the entire club. We are governed by the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) and will cancel any practices and training as recommended by the OVR. Any federal, state, or local orders that apply to us will be relayed. In the event that Sports Plus closes, so will our practices and training. All practices and training are currently on as scheduled. Should this change at any point, we will notify you immediately within TeamApp.

We understand you also have concerns and questions regarding tournaments.  Notifications of tournaments cancelled will come directly from your coaches. Below is an updated list on any tournament cancellations.

We share in the concern to ensure the welfare and safety of your family and our staff. Above all, we understand the need to take precautions in the best interest of your family first.

Anyone that has specific questions or concerns can email us directly at: cincyarsenal@gmail.com


[Updated 3/16/20 @ 3:40PM]

Cancelled Tournaments:

JVA Cottontail Clash (4/11- 4/12)

 AAU Cincinnati Grand Prix (3/21- 3/22)

3/21 Lehman High School

3/14 Franklin Monroe High School

3/14 Lucas County Rec Center

Rescheduled Tournaments:

JVA World Challenge (Rescheduled 6/12- 6/14)

It is our understanding that tournament directors are making their best effort to reschedule tournaments as they're legally, physically, and willing to do so.  Some cancelled tournaments could be rescheduled.  Rescheduled tournaments are still subject to being cancelled.  Rescheduled tournaments that conflict with tournaments already scheduled will be evaluated by us as we get more updates.  We understand this can be confusing as things change daily.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate the changing tournament schedule.