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COVID-19  Statements History

6/25/20 Statement:

Thank you for your understanding during the refund process. You and your daughter’s success and happiness with Arsenal are paramount to us. We utilized every resource available to reduce fees and maximize refunds. We emailed a detailed explanation of the amount we reduced and refunded your club fees to each contact email address we have for every player. All refund checks have been mailed and also include this detailed explanation.

If you did not receive an email or don’t receive your refund in the next week, you can contact me directly by emailing, and I would be happy to assist.

You will notice a new button on your homepage of TeamApp labeled “Lesson Request”. You can utilize this to submit requests for private lessons with one of our coaches. You can also use this link:

Due to some restrictions and limitations on court time, there is a minimum of 2 lessons per player for us to accept requests. Lessons will either take place on Monday evenings or Saturdays after 1PM. You can specify your preference on the request page. Our ability to confirm your request will be subject to the approval of Sports Plus.

If you have specific questions regarding lessons, you can reach Brian directly by emailing

6/1/20 Statement:

We hope everyone is safe and in good spirits.  We have several updates to share with you which also result in a final update on our season.

All remaining tournaments since our Zoom meetings are cancelled.  Sports Plus will reopen today, June 1.  The safety protocols for both gyms and skills training can be found within the links below.  We evaluated the safety protocols set forth within the Ohio Department of Health's guidelines and USA Volleyball's Return to Play Guidelines.  Our biggest concern in reopening as early as June 1 is being able to hold effective skills training while responsibly and honestly following all of the protocols.  
Unfortunately, we concluded that we can’t practically execute skills training with the mandatory logistics to uphold safety protocols.  We are therefore concluding our season.

We hope to offer open gyms or other skills training before next season.  These type of events would be announced through Team App and our website.  We encourage all of our players to take advantage of private lessons with their coach, or any of our other coaches on staff.  The decision to take on a private lesson will be at the discretion of the coach you're requesting.  When our coaches instruct, they do so on their own time and operate as an individual.  If your own coach is unable or unwilling to do private lessons, or if you'd just prefer to try another coach, we can help pair you with a coach.  If you're training at Sports Plus, please keep in mind that court availability and gym/personal fitness venue requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Health would still be applicable.

Now that we have a final end date on each team’s last practice and no remaining tournaments, we can begin evaluating refund amounts.  I will personally be in touch with everyone regarding their account.

We appreciate the patience you granted us during this difficult time.  We understand it is not easy living in limbo.   We hope the conclusion of our season will allow time for you to make other plans with the time we intended to spend together.  We also hope that while our volleyball season fell just short of a normal return, you might be able to return to a sense of normalcy in other areas soon.

Please feel free to check out our FAQs page within the link below for further info including refunds.  You can also reach out by emailing

[Updated 5/18/20]

Cancelled Tournaments:

3/14 Franklin Monroe High School

3/14 Lucas County Rec Center

3/21 Lehman High School

AAU Cincinnati Grand Prix (3/21- 3/22)

OVR Championships (All Ages)

Chicago Asics Jr National Volleyball Championships (All Ages)

2020 Team Indiana Classic

Volley for the Roses

Fleur de Lis Fest

2020 Munciana Classic

2020 AAU Junior National Championships

JVA Cottontail Clash

JVA Summerfest

JVA World Challenge

Indy Cup

Midwest Invite

There are no remaining tournaments for any team.

5/14/20 Statement:

On the evening of May 13, we received important communication from USA Volleyball.  USAV's joint task force created a Return to Play Action Plan and USA Volleyball's Return to Play Guidelines.  Those guidelines will be effective May 15 and will supersede the previously announced ban on sanctions that was scheduled to expire on May 22.

During our recent team Zoom meetings, we mentioned that to return to play, we would need several elements to align.  Those elements include USAV insurance, state and local authority permission, and non-cancellation of tournaments by its respective directors/hosts.  The positive news is that the element of USA Volleyball insurance is no longer an obstacle beginning May 15, provided that we follow the USAV Return to Play Guidelines.  


The USAV Return to Play Guidelines will be the responsibility of each individual, club, and tournament director/host.  We intend to be accountable for our club's responsibilities within the guidelines.  We will develop an action plan to ensure the safety concerns as set forth in the guidelines released.  While we wait for allowance from state and local authorities before we can resume play, we invite you to read through the individual expectations within the guidelines as they may apply to you and/or your player in the future.

We understand you may have further questions after reviewing expectations within the guidelines.  When these guidelines become applicable to our club by way of state and local permission, we will reach out to solidify a specific plan based on return to play dates.  We hope this news brings optimism about the remaining season and the general state of the community.

4/28/20 Statement:

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. We want to start by thanking everyone for being so patient and understanding in this difficult time.

The Governor held a press conference yesterday that touched on details of the beginning phases of reopening certain industries and businesses. While our industry wasn’t touched on yet, we want to assure you that we have been, and are continuing, to anticipate how these changes announced daily will affect the future of our club.

At this point, we feel it’s best to virtually meet with each team and it’s coaches to discuss the future as it pertains to your team. We intend to cover the following areas during the meeting:
•Updates on our state orders and plans as they pertain to our business
•An update on the current tournament schedule
•Options for future tournaments and/or practice
•Refund/Payment Processes
•Contracts for next season

We will send you info on the date/time of a Zoom meeting scheduled for your team the week of May 3rd in your team’s TeamApp chat room. As we get closer to the time scheduled, one of our directors will provide you with a link to the Zoom meeting which you can enter. If any player or parent that’s not on TeamApp would like the link to attend, please email Rusty Opper directly at:

We hope for a positive outlook on our club’s season and look forward to speaking with everyone.

3/25/20 Statement

We hope everyone is safe and healthy. With the events and news that surround the pandemic changing daily, the OVR will be issuing the following statement on their social media and website that we feel is important to share with everyone:

“OVR Parents:

We would like to explain the “partnership” between the OVR and our
junior clubs in the development of playing opportunities for our

Clubs are independent, private business enterprises. Clubs must follow
OVR/USAV policies when forming their teams. Once the teams are formed,
the clubs bring teams to the OVR for participation in our USAV program.
The OVR has no legal authority to intervene in a club’s day-to-day
business, and the administrative or financial structure of a club is not
under OVR/USAV jurisdiction. Violation of an OVR/USAV policy is a
different matter.

With the cancellation of OVR activities for the remainder of the 2020
season, many clubs are working hard to demonstrate their character and
professionalism by considering some form of financial remuneration. I
must remind you, the OVR has no legal position in this matter. If your
club is considering this action, I ask you to be patient. Please give
your club the time to formulate what, if any, type of consideration they
are proposing with the resources they have available. Please keep in
mind the possible expenses I’ve listed below that your club may have
incurred during the season:

1) Facility cost/rental – contractual agreements may take some time to
resolve; private facility costs could be much higher
2) Equipment – many clubs make donations to schools for the use/purchase
of equipment (nets, volleyballs, pads, carts)
3) Uniforms – accessory gear (bags, sweats/warm-up suits, shoes….)
4) Coaches’ contracts – many variables, including practices, events,
length of season……
5) Coaches’ registration expenses – USAV membership and background
6) Coaches’ overnight travel expenses – room, per diem….
7) Coaches’ professional development – clinics, seminars….
8) Delayed return of tournament entry fees from tournament hosts
9) Delinquent club fees
10) Planned USAV National events – STILL ON THE SCHEDULE?

All of these expenses will impact the bottom line. Please be patient.
They are doing the best they can in this trying time. Remember, you need
the clubs as much as they need you!

Bob Price
Ohio Valley Region”

We hope this statement from the OVR will help answer some questions you may have regarding the club season. There are many other factors and several governing bodies over the tournaments that we enter as a club. The OVR is just one of many. All OVR events and tournaments for the season have been cancelled. However, most of our teams are also entered in JVA, AAU, and USAV events. Many of their events are cancelled, postponed, or still scheduled but pending the pandemic.

At this point, our best answer to the future of remaining season is that all Arsenal-related practices are on hold until further notice. OVR tournaments are cancelled. Other tournaments (JVA, AAU, USAV) are pending and will continue to be addressed as they come.

There will inevitably be refunds to those that have paid for tournaments and court time that we can no longer provide. Because the situation is constantly changing, we won’t have any way of predicting the extent and monetary value of the refund until tournaments and court time are finalized. As you are aware, finalizing the outcome is impossible until the situation stabilizes. We appreciate your patience as we wait for developments to be able to further address the remaining club season.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at:

3/14/20 Statement

Due to the most recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, there have been many changes over the past few days with the OVR and USAV that directly impact our club.  We appreciate your patience while we navigated several factors before being able to address what those changes mean for all of us. 

On March 12, we received notice that all OVR-run events and tournaments are suspended until further notice.  The OVR strongly encouraged all tournaments run by other tournament directors to do the same.  Tournament directors running tournaments we were placed in for the month of March also canceled their events. 

On March 13, we received a statement from the OVR which included “‘In the interest of welfare and safety of our membership, USA Volleyball is eliminating the sanctioning for all USA Volleyball activities (including but not limited to events, practices, individual training sessions or anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance) effective 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 13. This ban on all USA Volleyball sanctioned activities extends through March 31.’ This statement means that any individual or entity operating under the USAV-OVR umbrella, including but not limited to a team, club, or facility, will assume all liability associated with that activity; USAV is not providing insurance coverage through March 31.”

As our club and all of its players are under the USAV-OVR umbrella, we will not have the insurance coverage necessary to allow any activities affiliated with Arsenal through March 31. 

Due to the state of emergency the general public is in, our accountability of commitment to social responsibility is crucial.  We need to be in unison with the efforts made to be a socially responsible community as a whole to help aid in the effectiveness to promote the best interest of the safety and general welfare of your family, our staff, and the public.  

To promote the best interest of everyone involved, all practices, training, and private lessons affiliated with Arsenal will be tentatively canceled through March 31, 2020.  Practices, training, and lessons will resume as normal on April 1.  As updates and changes happen daily with the Coronavirus, we will notify you of any changes that apply to the entire club, as well as any other changes to our schedule. 

Thank you for your understanding.  Should you have any questions, please reach out by emailing:

3/12/20 Statement:

Due to recent events and information concerning the current status of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Arsenal Volleyball will continue to monitor the situation daily and provide updates that pertain to the entire club. We are governed by the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) and will cancel any practices and training as recommended by the OVR. Any federal, state, or local orders that apply to us will be relayed. In the event that Sports Plus closes, so will our practices and training. All practices and training are currently on as scheduled. Should this change at any point, we will notify you immediately within TeamApp.

We understand you also have concerns and questions regarding tournaments.  Notifications of tournaments cancelled will come directly from your coaches. Below is an updated list on any tournament cancellations.

We share in the concern to ensure the welfare and safety of your family and our staff. Above all, we understand the need to take precautions in the best interest of your family first.

Anyone that has specific questions or concerns can email us directly at:

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