I'm New! FAQs

I'm new to this!  What's the process?

We're excited you're interested in club volleyball!  Here's the general progression of events:

  • Join TeamApp to receive news, such as tryout info.

  • Register for tryouts on our website to the correct age group and level. 

  • Come to at least one of the tryout dates for your age group. 

  • Offers will be provided after tryouts.  You'll have the opportunity to accept or decline your offer.  

  • After you accept, you'll need to join TeamApp (if you hadn't already) to receive your team's official communications. 

  • We'll hold a Meet & Greet before the season starts.  This is when we provide your tournament schedule (although it will likely already be posted on the website), your daughter will try on uniforms for sizing, and you can meet your directors, coaches, and other players and parents. 

  • Your coach may also schedule a few early practices in December.  During the first week of January, your daughter's season will officially start.  She will practice weekly and have tournaments throughout the season.  The season will conclude when the last tournament for your team is over. 

  • Usually during the first week of July, we will sent out early acceptance offers for the following season. 


How do I get on Team App?

Team App is required for every team at Arsenal.  It is the best way to receive Club information and team-specific communication from your coach and Directors.  Click on the Team App icon below to sign up.

How do I know when tryouts are, and how can I register?

Tryout dates have been posted and pre-registration is currently open.  Please visit our tryouts page for dates and instructions on registration.

How do I know what age group my daughter will play in?

Providing us your daughter's birth date and school grade level are two of the most critical requirements.  We use the criteria on the OVR's Age Divisions web page to determine the correct age group.  There are some tournaments outside of the OVR (such as AAU) that we also need to ensure your daughter's eligibility in her age group based on her birth date and school grade level.

What are the levels of competition, and what's the difference?

Regional: Practice and tier training every week.  There are typically 5-7 tournaments.  Tournament travel is typically less than 3 hours.  The final regional tournament is in Columbus, OH for ages 11+.

American: Practices and tier training every week.  Tournament travel is usually within Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee.  The final national tournament is typically in Chicago, IL.

National: Practices and tier training every week.  Tournament travel is typically within Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri.  National teams have the most competitive schedule.  The final national tournament depends on whether a team qualifies.  Qualifying teams will go to a city TBD.  Teams that don't qualify will attend nationals in Orlando, FL.  

When is the club volleyball season?

The duration of the volleyball season depends on the age and level.  Practices are weekly until the last tournament of the season.  The last tournament for each team concludes the season for that team.

Ages 10-12 (All levels): First week of January through April/May

Regional (All Ages): First week of January through May

American (All Ages): First week of January through June

National (All Ages): First week of January through June/early July

How much are club fees?

This depends on the age and level of competition (Regional, American, or National).  For details on rates for each level for the 2021 Season, please email: CincyArsenal@gmail.com.

What are included in our club fees?

Your club fees cover uniform packages, equipment, coaching and administration fees, court practice time, and tournament entry fees.  It does not include any costs associated with your travel, such as hotel rooms, food, and gas.

When are club fees due?

First payments are due at the Meet & Greet.  The amount due in your first payment will be detailed in the Arsenal Handbook provided with offers.  You can pay Kellie Barnhart by debit/credit card (including a processing fee), check, cashier's check, money order, or cash.  Final remaining payment will be due February 1.  Checks or cashier's checks should be made payable to Arsenal Volleyball Academy and can be mailed to the following address:

Arsenal Volleyball Academy

Attn: Kellie Barnhart

6242 Green Knoll Circle

Hamilton, OH 45011

How do I know if my daughter gets an offer?

We will post tryout results on our website following the conclusion of tryouts.

How do we accept or decline our offer?

There will be detailed instructions on the website on how to accept or decline your offer.  It's usually as simple as clicking on your daughter's tryout number and filling out a short form.  We will remind your daughter of the process during tryouts as well.

If we accept, are we held responsible for the contract?

Yes.  Our contracts are binding.  It is critical for our teams that all acceptances will actually be playing on that team.

What's the Meet & Greet?

We'll hold a Meet & Greet in the weeks following your age group's tryouts.  Our directors will give you more information about our club, expectations and rules, and answer questions you might have.  You'll get a chance to meet all of our directors, assistant directors, coaches, and other players and parents on your team.  Your team will go over your schedule with your coach and try on uniforms for sizing.  First payment will be due at the Meet & Greet.  You can pay Kellie Barnhart by debit/credit card (includes a processing fee), check, cashier's check, money order, or cash.

What are early acceptance offers?

Following the conclusion of our season, we have an opportunity to extend an early contract offer (typically between July 1 and July 31st).  This guarantees a return position to the team specified in your offer for the next season (2022). 

All caught up?  You can get back to our FAQs page below.

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