Where can I get the latest Arsenal COVID-19 updates?

Any updates that are important to the club as a whole are sent out in the news section of Team App.  That information is also copied into our COVID-19 Updates page below.  You can find a history of our official communications within the link as well.  Team-specific information regarding tournaments are addressed by the team's coach.

Are there any tournaments remaining?

No.  All remaining tournaments are updated as cancelled on our website, and you should have received communication from your coach confirming that.

Is the season over?

Regional teams have officially concluded, with hopes of adding a few practice/evaluation dates to the schedule.  While American and National teams don't have any remaining tournaments, we do have a practice schedule that remains and is on hold.  Gyms and skills training may resume as early as June 1 at Sports Plus if safety protocols set forth by the Ohio Department of Health and USA Volleyball are followed.  We have not confirmed an Arsenal restart date yet.  Our biggest concern in re-opening is being able to hold effective skills training while responsibly and honestly following all the protocols.  We appreciate your patience as we discuss our plan of action.  You can expect a mass communications message through TeamApp within the next few days.

Is there anything we can do at home?

If you have a volleyball, girls can work on self passing and setting, or peppering with a family member.  We recommend a weekly routine including cardio, strength training, and plyometrics.  You can also get on the schedule to resume strength and agility training now.  Our favorite trainers at The Academy of Sports Performance will reopen on May 26.  Call (513) 407-8809 to get on the schedule.

Are private lessons an option?

Yes, beginning June 1st at Sports Plus.  We strongly encourage all of our players to take advantage of private lessons with their coach, or any of our other coaches on staff.  The decision to take on a private lesson will be at the discretion of the coach you're requesting.  When our coaches instruct, they do so on their own time and operate as an individual.  If your own coach is unable or unwilling to do private lessons, or if you'd just prefer to try another coach, we can help pair you with a coach to assist in your goals on our private lessons request page.  If you're training at Sports Plus, please keep in mind that court availability and gym/personal fitness venue requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Health would still be applicable.

I heard AAU Nationals is rescheduled for July.  Does this change the decision to not go?

We will not be participating in AAU Nationals at any time this year.  We feel the Ohio Department of Health and USA Volleyball have the appropriate systems and task forces in place for us to trust any reopen dates they provide.  The decision to hold AAU Nationals in Orlando is not within the scope of USA Volleyball and personally left us to decide our participation as a club.  After weeks of discussion, there were several reasons which made us conclude it was not in the best interest of our club and our communities to participate in AAU Nationals as early as June.  Our girls would be exposed exponentially due to hundreds of clubs from across the country, our parents would have the burden of expense and travel without the benefit of seeing their girls plays, and it leaves us to question how socially responsible we're being as a club by subjecting other Ohioans to our hundreds of girls, parents, and staff when we return home.  After making this decision, we received notice that AAU Nationals would be postponed until mid July for safety concerns.  While many of our original reasons for not going might still hold true less than a month later for the rescheduled dates, we also would not be willing to enter any tournament that far past our normal season's schedule.  We may not have the practice/court time or our staff available, and we also can't guarantee many of our players will be available themselves that far outside of our season's normal schedule.  We understand this may be disappointing, but hope you find we're making the best decision for everyone involved.

What if we have hotel rooms booked?

If you booked a hotel room through a group block with a tournament housing authority, the vast majority of them are automatically cancelling rooms for events that are cancelled.  If you have an individual or group booking through a non-housing tournament host, you will need to call the hotel with your individual or group block to cancel.  I haven't heard of any hotel thus far that aren't allowing full refunds for hotels cancelled at least 3 days prior to the check-in date.  Many hotels are refunding prepaid rooms as well through June.

Are second payments still due?

Please keep in mind that your payments include more than just practice and tournament costs.  They also include equipment costs, uniforms, administration, and facility costs (which differ by month) to name a few.  Most first payments for American and National teams do not cover everything minus the remaining tournaments and practice time, which is why we required payment by February 1.  We understand this may be a difficult time now.  Please remit second payments as soon as you're able to.

Will we get a refund?

There will inevitably be refunds to those that pay for tournaments and court time that we can no longer provide. Because the situation is constantly changing, we won’t have any way of predicting the extent and monetary value of the refund until tournaments and court time are finalized.

Where can I find the payment due dates and rules?

How can I make a payment?

Online payment options will be available soon.  Payments should be mailed to the following address:

Arsenal Volleyball Academy

Attn: Kellie Barnhart

6242 Green Knoll Circle

Hamilton, OH 45011

How do I get on Team App?

Team App is required for every team at Arsenal.  It is the best way to receive Club information and team-specific communication from your coach and Directors.  Click on the Team App icon below to sign up.

What other resources are available for additional practice?

We offer Tier Training for each team that helps enhance specific skills.  We also offer Private Lessons to aid players in strengthening their specific or overall skills.  Lessons can be requested by filling out the form hereWe recommend professional Strength Training that is extremely beneficial to a player's overall athleticism and coordination.  You can read more information here

How can I increase my chances of getting recruited by college coaches?

Aside from private lessons, we also offer a Skills Tape.  Skills Tapes help to showcase a player's overall and/or specific skills.  You can get more details and request a Skills Tape by clicking here.

Why Arsenal?

Arsenal is a non-profit organization that cares less about the money made and more about developing our athletes to compete with the best.  All owners and directors are volleyball players whose passion for volleyball continues through the development of their players.  We're proud to offer superior coaching at a price that's affordable.  And we're proud to say that many of our athletes get recognized and signed by collegiate recruiters.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts the 2020 season have concluded.  Join us on Team App to get news and updates, including next year's tryout dates as they are announced. 

How much are club and travel fees?

Travel fees can vary depending on tournament locations and hotel rates.  Please email CincyArsenal@gmail.com for pricing on club rates.

What if we can't afford the club and/or travel fees?

We exhaust every resource and option possible to provide an opportunity to join a team.  Some teams travel less, and to closer destinations, than other teams, such as a Regional team versus a National team.  This will cut down on travel expenses.  There are other options that we offer that we would be happy to discuss.  Just send us an email to CincyArsenal@gmail.com, and we will be happy to explore all possible options with you.

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending an email to: CincyArsenal@gmail.com

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