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I'm new to club volleyball!  Where should I start?

Club volleyball is a great experience for junior players.  Please visit the link below for common FAQs of families new to the club volleyball experience.

When is Open Gym?

Open Gym Schedule

When are tryouts?

Tryout Schedule

Do you take walk ins for Open Gym and Tryouts?

Yes, as long as it's within capacity.  We do not recommend walking in for Open Gym or Tryouts as sessions are capped at a certain number.  When maximum capacity is reached, online registration will be unavailable for that session, we will post that capacity is reached on the Open Gym and/or Tryout page under the date and time that is no longer available, and we will no longer accept walk ins.  In addition to that risk, we also require documentation to be completed before entering.  The documentation is completed by utilizing the registration linked within the Open Gym and Tryouts page.  This can take several minutes to complete, so please allow enough time to complete this if you choose to walk into a session that is still within capacity.

When is the deadline to accept our Arsenal offer?

Teams for Ages 10-14 are finalized.

National offers: November 16 by 9PM

American and Regional offers: November 23 by 9PM

Are there any other guidelines or rights as it relates to offers?

Arsenal Volleyball Academy has traditionally been an OVR (Ohio Valley Region) club under USA Volleyball.  In addition to our offer terms, you can see OVR signing guidelines and rights as follows:

Early Signing Period Link

OVR Athlete's Bill of Rights Link

If we accept, are we held responsible for the contract?

Yes.  Our contracts are binding.  It is critical for our teams that all acceptances will actually be playing on that team.

How much are club fees?

10U, 11U: $1,500

12U, Regional: $1,600

American: $2,500

National: $2,900

Players will also need OVR memberships ($67), and some teams will also need AAU memberships ($14).

Instructions on obtaining these memberships will be provided following offer acceptance.

Are there any other hidden fees?

No!  We don't charge extra for uniform packages, if the number of players on the team change, if the location of Nationals change, or the coach's hotel fees.  The only fees you're responsible for are the club and membership fees listed above, and any travel fees you personally incur (such as your own hotel and spectator entry fees).

How are club fees paid?

All accepted players will receive information on how they will receive their club dues invoice shortly after the latest acceptance deadline for your age group.  There will be an online option or by mail.  Checks or cashier's checks should be made payable to Arsenal Volleyball Academy and can be mailed to the following address:

Arsenal Volleyball Academy

Attn: Kellie Schumacher

6242 Green Knoll Circle

Hamilton, OH 45011

Do not mail cash or money order.  We are not responsible for payments lost in the mail.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure all fees are successfully paid. 

What if we can't afford the club and/or travel fees?

We exhaust every resource and option possible to provide an opportunity to join a team.  Some teams travel less, and to closer destinations, than other teams, such as a Regional team versus a National team.  This will cut down on travel expenses.  There are other options that we offer that we would be happy to discuss.  Just send us an email to, and we will be happy to explore all possible options with you.

How often do we practice?

Practices are twice a week for 2 hours at all levels and ages.

Where and when is practice?

Practice begins the week of December 5 and ends on the last practice day before your last scheduled tournament.  Most practices take place at GameTime Training Center in Fairfield.  Some other locations may be utilized, such as Fairfield Middle School and Queen City Racquet Club.

What is our tournament schedule?

Tournament schedules are projected and subject to change.  Your tournament schedule will be specific to your team.  The tentative schedules for 2023 can be found here:

U/Regional Schedules

American Schedules

National Schedules

Do you offer additional training?

Our favorite trainers at The Academy of Sports Performance can help you with everything from Speed & Agility training to Strength & Conditioning.  Call (513) 407-8809 to get on the schedule.

Can we do private lessons?

Yes.  We strongly encourage all of our players to take advantage of private lessons with their coach, or any of our other coaches on staff.  The decision to take on a private lesson will be at the discretion of the coach you're requesting.  When our coaches instruct, they do so on their own time and operate as an individual.  If your own coach is unable or unwilling to do private lessons, or if you'd just prefer to try another coach, we can help pair you with a coach to assist in your goals on our private lessons request page.

Is there anything else I should know before accepting an offer?

Be sure to check out our Commitment Process page for other important information regarding the acceptance process with Arsenal.

How can I increase my chances of getting recruited by college coaches?

We're proud to offer an on-site Assistant Director that is dedicated to all your recruiting needs and questions.  We also provide free Hudl accounts for every National level player, beginning at age 13.  Please visit our recruiting page for more information.

I accepted my offer.  What's next?

1. Team App is required for every team at Arsenal.  It is the best way to receive Club information and team-specific communication from your coach and Directors.  Click on the Team App icon below to sign up.

2. Uniform fittings will be conducted and announced on TeamApp for those that didn't get fitted at tryouts.  This will take place in early November.

3. You'll receive an introductory email from us the day after your age group's last acceptance deadline.  The email will include a mandatory video to view, instructions and links for required paperwork, and a Meet & Greet Zoom meeting invitation.  During the zoom meeting, you'll get to interact with our Directors, coaches, and other families on your team.  The Meet & Greet will take place in November.

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending an email to:

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