I'm new to club volleyball!  Where should I start?

Club volleyball is a great experience for junior players.  Please visit the link below for common FAQs of families new to the club volleyball experience.

Will we receive a refund if a tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19?

Any tournaments that are cancelled due to COVID-19 may have all, some, or no entry fees returning to Arsenal from the hosting tournament director.  Any refunds we receive back from the host for cancellations, we will pass along to the teams/players entered.  Any partial or total refunds not returned to Arsenal will be forfeited by both Arsenal and therefore its players.  We may find a replacement tournament for a cancelled tournament.

Will we be refunded if we personally miss a tournament or practice time due to COVID-19?

Personal sickness or quarantine status including, but not limited to, COVID-19 is not refunded based on practice hours or tournaments missed.  Everyone is entering 2021 at risk of being quarantined, becoming ill, or having their team forfeit due to lack of players able to attend and play.  We must maintain fees due and enforce payment to ensure expenses still incurred are covered.

Where can I get the latest Arsenal COVID-19 updates?

Any updates that are important to the club as a whole are sent out in the news section of Team App.  That information is also copied into our COVID-19 Updates page below.  You can find a history of our official communications within the link as well.  Team-specific information regarding tournaments are addressed by the team's coach.

How do I get on Team App?

Team App is required for every team at Arsenal.  It is the best way to receive Club information and team-specific communication from your coach and Directors.  Click on the Team App icon below to sign up.

If we accepted an early contract, do we still need to come to tryouts?

Yes.  We will waive your tryout fee if you accepted to a specific team.

If we did not accept an early contract, are we still able to tryout?

Yes.  We welcome everyone to tryouts.  We may extend a new offer after tryouts.

When are tryouts?

 Join us on Team App to get news and updates, including next year's tryout dates as they are announced.  Tryout dates will be based on the state finals date.  Usually ages 10-14 are in October and ages 15+ are in November. 

Is there anything we can do at home?

Our favorite trainers at The Academy of Sports Performance reopened on May 26.  Call (513) 407-8809 to get on the schedule.

Can we do private lessons?

Yes.  We strongly encourage all of our players to take advantage of private lessons with their coach, or any of our other coaches on staff.  The decision to take on a private lesson will be at the discretion of the coach you're requesting.  When our coaches instruct, they do so on their own time and operate as an individual.  If your own coach is unable or unwilling to do private lessons, or if you'd just prefer to try another coach, we can help pair you with a coach to assist in your goals on our private lessons request page.

How can I increase my chances of getting recruited by college coaches?

We're proud to offer two on-site Assistant Directors that are dedicated to all your recruiting needs and questions.  Please visit our recruiting page for more information.

How much are club and travel fees?

Travel fees can vary depending on tournament locations and hotel rates.  Please email CincyArsenal@gmail.com for pricing on club rates.

What if we can't afford the club and/or travel fees?

We exhaust every resource and option possible to provide an opportunity to join a team.  Some teams travel less, and to closer destinations, than other teams, such as a Regional team versus a National team.  This will cut down on travel expenses.  There are other options that we offer that we would be happy to discuss.  Just send us an email to CincyArsenal@gmail.com, and we will be happy to explore all possible options with you.

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending an email to: CincyArsenal@gmail.com.

What if I didn't receive a refund from the 2020 Season? 

You should have received an email from Kellie between June 19 and 22 detailing adjustments made to your team's dues.  We looked at what we charged you for your team initially, the amount to reduce from your team based on COVID-19 cancellations, and how much you already paid in.  We looked at each account to determine your individual situation, which will ultimately resulted in a refund mailed to you, or a reduced amount due.  All account adjustment emails have been sent as of June 22.  All refunds have been mailed as of June 22 to the address provided on your USA Volleyball membership page (your webpoint login).  If you didn't receive an email or refund, please reach out to Kellie by emailing kbarnhart@arsenalvb.com.

How can I make a payment if I still owe?

Payments can be mailed.  Please do not mail us cash or money orders.


Checks or cashier's checks should be made payable to Arsenal Volleyball Academy and can be mailed to the following address:

Arsenal Volleyball Academy

Attn: Kellie Barnhart

6242 Green Knoll Circle

Hamilton, OH 45011

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