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Tryout Results

Ages 14-18

Thank you for attending Summer Tryouts.  We understand the tryout time can be stressful for everyone. We may not extend all intended offers until after the final tryout date, so please check back regularly for your tryout number to appear. There is a lot of movement until teams are finalized, so please understand that it is possible for a current offer to move up, and for an alternate placement to become a valid offer.


Please use the accept/decline button below to accept or decline your offer as soon as possible. If you are declining, we ask that you use the link so we can extend an opportunity to another player.

The acceptance deadline is Wednesday, July 17 by 9PM.

The acceptance deadline is 48 hours from the offer after Wednesday, July 17.

Acceptances are not automatically posted as we personally check them, so please allow time for your name to appear. Further club information will be sent from on July 21 to those that accepted.

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