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Team and individual pictures will take place as scheduled below.  Arrive in plenty of time to be dressed and ready for pictures at your designated time slot.  Each team should be in the same color jersey, including the liberos.

The following teams must wear their orange jerseys for pictures:

10U Brainard

10U Gilbert

11U Schutte

11U Schuler

11U Sickles

12N Lite Adams

12U Bednasz

12U Bush

13N Lawson

13A Alexander

13R Schneider

13R Lawson

14N Nguyen

14R Carter


If your team is not listed above, you may wear either jersey color provided your entire team is in the same color, decided by your team/head coach.

Makeup pictures for those absent are Monday, 1/29 at 6:15PM. You will be photoshopped into your team picture.

18 National players that are coaches may take their individual player pictures during time slot designated for the teams they coach -or- Monday, 1/29 at 6:15PM.  You will be photoshopped into your team picture.

Order forms are available on picture day and can also be found below.

Arsenal Picture Day
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